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Brain Injury Archives

Understanding brain injury and legal remedies in Arizona

Head trauma is not always easy to recognize visually and may only reveal itself after hours or even days have passed. Just a sharp jerk of the head, for instance, caused by an auto collision or sudden braking, can sometimes cause grievous harm with lasting consequences. Unless the injury is diagnosed and treated within a short period of time it could result in paralysis and even death.

What are the effects of a brain injury?

Each part of the brain serves a specific purpose and it coordinates all of the systems of the body, which is why even a minor injury can have a deep and lasting impact. The person's behavior, thinking capability, senses and even movement can be affected by a brain injury.

Arizona programs for traumatic brain injury affected children

Traumatic brain injury refers to any external injury suffered to the head and brain due to a blow or hit. Arizona law, however, does not recognize any congenital brain disease or impairment as a brain injury. Brain injury may lead to temporary or permanent disability, and it may often impair cognitive functions, as well as psychological functions and motor abilities.

How can you recognize a concussion when injured in Arizona?

Arizona residents know that a traumatic brain injury caused by a bump or jolt to the head may result in a brain injury known as a concussion. Athletes are especially vulnerable to concussions, which are defined as "a rapid movement of the head caused due to a blow to the head." Brain injury and concussion may lead to behavioral, as well as physical changes and impairment.

NCAA changes rules, finances study to prevent head injuries

As many Arizona residents know, traumatic brain injury refers to any injury that may hinder normal functioning of the brain. A traumatic brain injury could be caused by a jolt or bump to the head or even a penetrating head injury Brain injury has become a serious problem in the United States, particularly when it comes to sports.

Arizona architect recovering from traumatic brain injury

Of all the types of injuries Arizona residents suffer in car accidents, some of the hardest to recover from are brain injuries. Because brain tissue doesn't heal in the same way as other parts of the body, recovery can be frustratingly slow. Even after any broken bones or cuts are healed, the injured may still have trouble with pain, dizziness, memory or even performing simple cognitive tasks. However, medical treatment and therapy can help many people to recover.

Freak accident in Arizona causes brain injury to landscaper

The brain is the most important organ of the body and the effects of a brain injury can be devastating, wreaking havoc on the body's ability to function normally. A Yuma, Arizona, resident who sustains brain damage can be impaired for life and may need long-term medical care. Accidents resulting in brain injury can happen to anyone, at any time, even while mowing a lawn.

CDC highlights traumatic brain injuries in March

Many Arizona residents likely understand the importance of the brain. It controls nearly every other part of the body and even small changes in the brain can wreak havoc in the rest of the body. Many people also understand that the head needs to be protected. Human skulls only provide so much protection, and steps -- such as wearing a helmet -- are often required to keep a person's brain safe.