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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

What does a drunk driving conviction mean in Arizona?

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any substance that alters a person's ability to drive safely is illegal everywhere in the United States, including Arizona. Individual states may have different penalties, but a driver is considered legally drunk in every state if the driver's blood alcohol concentration reaches or exceeds 0.08 percent. Beyond this, a law enforcement officer may consider a driver to be incapable of handling a vehicle because of drug or alcohol impairment, and arrest that person even if the BAC level is less than 0.08.

Some laws that keep a check on drunk drivers

Drunk driving leads to many injuries and deaths in Arizona as well as throughout the rest of the United States. Many steps have been taken by various organizations to highlight the dangers of drunk driving. To minimize drunk driving accidents, many laws have been enforced by officials. While some of those laws prevent underage drinking, others lead to fines and penalties.

Drunk driving accidents, a major concern in the United States

Car accidents are a serious problem in Yuma, and throughout the United States, with distracted driving the leading cause of such accidents. Drunk driving, also known as driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence, has been found to be a major cause of distracted driving.

Drunk driver kills policeman in Arizona

Most Arizona residents know about the risks of drunk driving. When drunk drivers are behind the wheel, they put their own lives at risk as well as the lives of others. In a recent drunk driving accident, a man killed a policeman who was returning home from work. The head-on collision occurred on a freeway in Phoenix.

Stage show educates Arizona youth about drunk driving accidents

There is a need to promote awareness about drunk driving accidents this time of year in Yuma, Arizona, as well as the rest of the nation because of prom and graduation season. Recently, a group of Arizona teenagers were introduced to a novel way of creating awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. It is imperative that students know about these dangers, so local emergency services personnel staged a mock show at a local stadium to raise the consciousness among the young group.

Arizona family still recovering from DUI crash 1 year later

A motor vehicle accident involving a drunken driver can happen anywhere in the United States, including Arizona. Unfortunately, recovery from such an accident isn't always quick. The effects of injury can sometimes last a year - or in some cases, a life time.

Study reveals that even 'buzzed' driving is dangerous

There is no doubt that drunk drivers put other drivers on the road at risk. However, a new study that was published recently in the journal "Injury Prevention" reveals that even drivers who are "buzzed," but within the legal limit to drive, pose a threat.