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Truck Accidents Archives

Federal law: hours of service rule for truck drivers

Almost every driver, from Arizona or elsewhere throughout the country, is cautious while driving near heavy vehicles, especially trucks. Drivers are aware that any misfortune leading to a truck accident can cause serious injuries and even death. Hence, they try to remain away from the blind spots of the vehicles and avoid driving close to the truck. However, sometimes the drivers may not be able to avoid a truck crash.

Woman killed in truck accident in Arizona

Trucks are used by various companies to transport goods and equipment and some can carry hazardous and flammable materials. But every day trucks can be seen on the Arizona roadways, and any collision with such a vehicle can have catastrophic results. Recently, a collision between a box truck and a sedan resulted in a fatality in Phoenix.

Bicyclist dies after truck accident in Arizona

Truck accidents, both in Arizona and in the rest of the nation, are fairly common, and these accidents injure and kill more people because of the sheer size and mass of the trucks. There are many reasons for truck accidents; the primary ones being driver fatigue and equipment failure. Very often, truck drivers are tired after driving for long stretches without taking a rest; hence, they may fail to pay attention to traffic safety norms.

Four dead after bus-truck accident near Arizona border

Many truck accidents in the United States, including in Arizona, kill and injure people primarily because trucks are so much larger and heavier than other vehicles. The reasons for truck accidents vary, but include equipment failures and truck drivers who are inattentive to the road.

Arizona scooter rider killed in truck accident with teen driver

In Arizona, as in other areas of the United States, truck accidents are often fatal. The causes are many, but the sheer size of the truck - when compared to the smaller vehicles they hit - often is a decisive factor.