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What style of motorcycle helmet should you wear?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Firm News |

Motorcyclists love their hobby. For some, this hobby turns into a lifestyle. Many riders understand that cruising on a motorcycle represents a feeling of freedom. Motorcycles also symbolize a need for speed, effort, competition and success. Dream interpreters say that if you dream of freely cruising on a bike, you are close to achieving a goal you have set out to achieve.

Possible hazards often accompany speed and competition. You can combat those hazards by driving safely and wearing the proper protective equipment. The most important piece of equipment is your helmet. Motorcycle accidents can be very destructive, and the appropriate helmet is key to protecting your most crucial bodily asset – your brain.

The question is, what helmet should you wear? You want to be comfortable but also safe. The answer comes down to your ride’s distance, where and what style of bike you’re riding.

Full-face helmet

If you are venturing out on a cross country trip or traveling through multiple states, you’ll likely run into differing weather patterns and inclement weather. Full-face helmets offer the greatest protection from the elements and in case of a crash due to its fully equipped frame and chin bar. Some cons of this style are that the visor can fog up, they’re relatively heavy and can cause excessive sweating when the weather is hot. 

Riders of sports bikes are more likely to invest in a full-face shield that riders of more cruising bikes like a Harley Davidson, Chopper or Indian Motorcycle.

Half helmet

During the heat of the summer, it can be very uncomfortable to wear a full-face helmet. Thus, many riders instead choose a half helmet when they go on their daily rides. While a half helmet does not provide superior neck and chin protection, half helmets are very breathable and will provide a layer of protection for the top of your skull in a crash.

Three-quarter helmet

Thi helmet style is like the middle child that actually gets attention. A three-quarter helmet is the ultimate safety compromise. This style provides riders an oped-faced, comfortable and breathable fit, while also offering protection for the front and back of your head. Your full face and jaw will be exposed without a visor or chin bar, but many riders can find full-face helmets uncomfortable when cruising.

It’s important to choose the helmet that’s best for you and your chosen activity. Which helmet style (Full-face, half helmet, three-quarter helmet, or dual sport) will satisfy your desire for comfortability and safety?