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May 2014 Archives

Drunk driver kills policeman in Arizona

Most Arizona residents know about the risks of drunk driving. When drunk drivers are behind the wheel, they put their own lives at risk as well as the lives of others. In a recent drunk driving accident, a man killed a policeman who was returning home from work. The head-on collision occurred on a freeway in Phoenix.

Multi-vehicle accident in Arizona leave 9 injured

Arizona residents will agree that breaking traffic rules can have serious consequences. Traffic rules are enforced to keep travelers safe. Violation of traffic laws poses the risk of injury to the motorist and others on the road. In a recent incident, nine people were seriously injured in an accident, when a minivan, a tour bus and a car collided at the Grand Canyon.

Fatal accident kills Maricopa County woman

Any Yuma, Arizona, resident who has gone through the pain and suffering of losing a loved one in a car accident will no doubt agree that, if the driver had been a little more careful, their close friend or family member might still be alive. Extra cautious driving is needed to prevent a fatal accident on Arizona roads, as well as in the entire U.S.

Six people hospitalized following multi-car crash in Arizona

Arizona residents would definitely agree that traffic rules need to be followed as closely as possible. In fact, they have been established because they are necessary, and they keep everyone on the roads safe. If the rules are not followed, drivers may not only hurt themselves, but they may also hurt others. This was the case with a recent car accident in Arizona, where three teenagers suffered serious injuries and three others were also hospitalized in a three-car collision.

Stage show educates Arizona youth about drunk driving accidents

There is a need to promote awareness about drunk driving accidents this time of year in Yuma, Arizona, as well as the rest of the nation because of prom and graduation season. Recently, a group of Arizona teenagers were introduced to a novel way of creating awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. It is imperative that students know about these dangers, so local emergency services personnel staged a mock show at a local stadium to raise the consciousness among the young group.