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Multi-vehicle accident in Arizona leave 9 injured

On Behalf of | May 22, 2014 | Firm News |

Arizona residents will agree that breaking traffic rules can have serious consequences. Traffic rules are enforced to keep travelers safe. Violation of traffic laws poses the risk of injury to the motorist and others on the road. In a recent incident, nine people were seriously injured in an accident, when a minivan, a tour bus and a car collided at the Grand Canyon.

The bus had 12 tourists aboard when the collision occurred around mid afternoon. One passenger sustained serious injuries in the crash and was airlifted to a Flagstaff hospital. Hospital authorities stated another injured passenger was later admitted with unknown injuries. An additional seven accident victims were taken by ambulance for treatment.

Apparently, the bus and car smashed head-to-head on the road close to the entrance of the national park. Another vehicle rebounded into the minivan as a result of the impact. Two vehicles that were parked near the area were also damaged. The reason for the crash is still being investigated.

The cause of this accident has not been established as yet but a head-on collision usually indicates that one or more drivers were responsible for disregarding traffic rules and careless driving. Along with the shock of an unexpected crash, accident victims suffer injuries that will cause pain and suffering. Families also suffer emotionally due to the injury of a loved one. The injured person could be the sole financial providers for their families who may now suffer loss of wages as well. As the injured undergo treatment, the medical bills will mount and so will other related expenses. Compensation may help victims and their families adjust to the consequences of the accident. Any dispute regarding compensation for these injuries can be addressed by a Flagstaff personal injury attorney.

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