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March 2014 Archives

Arizona scooter rider killed in truck accident with teen driver

In Arizona, as in other areas of the United States, truck accidents are often fatal. The causes are many, but the sheer size of the truck - when compared to the smaller vehicles they hit - often is a decisive factor.

Arizona family still recovering from DUI crash 1 year later

A motor vehicle accident involving a drunken driver can happen anywhere in the United States, including Arizona. Unfortunately, recovery from such an accident isn't always quick. The effects of injury can sometimes last a year - or in some cases, a life time.

CDC highlights traumatic brain injuries in March

Many Arizona residents likely understand the importance of the brain. It controls nearly every other part of the body and even small changes in the brain can wreak havoc in the rest of the body. Many people also understand that the head needs to be protected. Human skulls only provide so much protection, and steps -- such as wearing a helmet -- are often required to keep a person's brain safe.