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Arizona family still recovering from DUI crash 1 year later

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

A motor vehicle accident involving a drunken driver can happen anywhere in the United States, including Arizona. Unfortunately, recovery from such an accident isn’t always quick. The effects of injury can sometimes last a year – or in some cases, a life time.

One year ago, an Arizona woman was on life support and her daughter was in danger of losing her leg after they were in a car accident involving a drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on Interstate 17. Now they are home, yet still recovering.

After the crash, when the 13-year-old girl regained consciousness, her mother’s head was on her lap and their car window was shattered. The girl had to be cut out of the car. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of severed hands and a shattered leg.

Her father was told to be prepared for his wife’s possible death. She survived but continues to struggle with the effects of a traumatic brain injury. She remains confused, struggles to focus and has difficulty with everyday tasks. Her main concern, however, has been her daughter’s recovery. The teen can walk but not run. She is pleased her family is together and her mother is alive.

Family members say they pity the man who caused the accident; they say he made a bad choice. He was convicted of driving drunk and causing serious injuries.

Unfortunately, the mental anguish following an accident like this is often compounded by financial stress from issues such as lost wages because a victim is unable to work. Recovering compensation meant to address the often long lasting effects of such accidents, including long-term medical care in addition to any lost wages, can be important for a family attempting to cope and move on from such a catastrophic event. With the monetary award form a successful personal injury case, families can turn their focus to physical and emotional recovery.

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