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CDC highlights traumatic brain injuries in March

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Brain Injury |

Many Arizona residents likely understand the importance of the brain. It controls nearly every other part of the body and even small changes in the brain can wreak havoc in the rest of the body. Many people also understand that the head needs to be protected. Human skulls only provide so much protection, and steps — such as wearing a helmet — are often required to keep a person’s brain safe.

However, many Arizona residents might not be aware that March is traumatic brain injury awareness month. During this month, professionals from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are spreading the word about the dangers of brain injuries. Experts say that everyone is susceptible to these dangerous and deadly injuries.

In fact, on average 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States each year. In particular, the elderly and young men are the most likely to suffer from brain injuries. These injuries can occur in a variety of ways including playing sports, car accidents, slip and fall accidents and in a variety of other ways.

People need to be aware of the fact that when a traumatic brain injury occurs, they may never be the same. Many brain injuries cannot be fully treated and can result in serious long term consequences. People may have trouble completing everyday tasks, are at risk for other serious conditions and may require around the clock care.

When brain injuries are the result of another person’s negligent conduct, those injured — and their families — need to understand their legal rights. With the right help, people may be able to get compensation for their injuries which can ensure that victims receive the medical care and rehabilitation they need.

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