Yuma Brain Injury Attorneys

A brain or spinal cord injury changes lives forever. Not just the life of the victim, but also those of family members.

At The Smith Fila Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping severely injured people get medical care, rehabilitation services and compensation they need to rebuild their lives. This includes helping family members get compensation and services which ease their burdens as they care for their loved ones.

Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

For more than 30 years, our attorneys have been helping victims of brain and spinal cord injuries get compensation to pay for medical care, long-term care and other vitally needed services. Our goal in every case is to obtain full and complete compensation for our clients.

Contact The Smith Fila Law Firm for a free initial consultation about a catastrophic injury case. The future may look dark and uncertain now, but with help from an experienced legal team, you can face life with hope again.

Helping You Get The Medical Care You Need

The Smith Fila Law Firm makes it our priority to help our clients get the medical care and rehabilitation services they need. We have extensive experience working with hospitals and doctors in our area and throughout Arizona, including medical specialists in Phoenix.

If you need guidance to getting adequate medical care, we can coordinate your benefits and direct you to a doctor or hospital.

Compensation To Help You Rebuild Your Life

Our attorneys will handle all aspects of your case, including dealings with insurance companies and medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses. You can focus on your recovery.

We will seek full and complete compensation for you. Working with a life care planning specialist, we will identify all of the care and services your loved one will need for the remainder of his or her life. We will also measure lost wages and place a value on pain, suffering and emotional distress for inclusion in your claim.

Yuma Brain Injury Lawyers ● Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

One more word — we will not rest until we have obtained all of the compensation you deserve. We will not agree to settle your claim for less than it is worth. From the start of your case to its conclusion, The Smith Fila Law Firm will be your strong advocate, seeking the best possible result for you.

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