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Lawyer Handling Truck Accident Claims In Yuma

Last updated on May 8, 2024

Insurance companies know that the trauma caused by truck accidents doesn’t stop after the accident itself. The serious injuries caused by truck crashes can lead to years of rehabilitation and physical therapy, emotional distress and significant financial challenges. Yet, even though insurance companies know this, they still try to protect their bottom lines by offering claim settlements that do not cover all of the injuries truck accident victims suffer.

At The Smith Fila Law Firm, our goal is to obtain full and complete compensation for our clients. Before you accept an insurance company’s settlement offer – before you even give it a statement – talk to our experienced lawyer in a free consultation by calling 928-328-1361 or 877-386-6038. Located in Yuma, we have represented clients injured throughout Arizona and the southwest for more than 30 years.

We Get Results

Whether you were driving the truck or a passenger vehicle when your accident occurred, we have a history of getting results for clients like you. For example, we recovered $2,415,000 in a wrongful death case involving an over-road trucker.

While not every case will result in a multimillion-dollar verdict or settlement, you can expect us to put the same kind of energy and dedication into representing you.

What Legal Issues Can You Expect In Your Truck Accident Case?

Accidents involving commercial vehicles tend to raise issues that are unique compared to simple car crash cases. Some of the issues that could arise include:

  • Multiple at-fault parties: While it may be obvious to you that a truck driver was at fault for your accident, there may be other, less obvious, parties to your case. The driver’s trucking company, the owner of the truck, the company that leased the truck and the manufacturer of the truck or truck parts – these are all potential defendants. We will explore all routes for recovery in your case.
  • Trucking regulations: There are separate regulations for the trucking industry – the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations – that determine how much time a driver can be on the road before resting, how often trucks must be inspected, how driving records should be kept, etc. If a truck driver or company did not follow the regulations, they can be held accountable for your accident. We understand the trucking regulations and will determine whether the truck driver or company failed to follow them.
  • Truck driver negligence: Many of the truck drivers on our roads are extremely capable, experienced drivers. By the very nature of their job, however, truck drivers are prone to drowsy driving and distracted driving. Semi trucks have blind spots and must make wide turns. Due to the sheer bulk of their vehicles, drivers must be vigilant at all times. When we investigate truck crashes, we often find that truck driver negligence played a role.
  • Fatalities: Truck accidents are often fatal accidents. If your loved one was killed in an 18-wheeler accident, we can help you recover compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of consortium (the love of a husband or wife) and other damages.

These are only a few of the issues that can arise in trucking accidents. Every case is unique and deserves the trained eye of a respected personal injury attorney.

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