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Last updated on June 26, 2024

You have seen it on the news many times before. A drunk driver killed an innocent family. But you never thought it would happen to you. During an unimaginably painful time, it is important to have a legal professional there to protect your rights and best interests.

With over 30 years of experience helping serious injury and wrongful death victims, The Smith Fila Law Firm is here for you and your family every step of the way.

We believe in seeking justice for families after tragedies such as drunk driving wrecks and other fatal accidents. Talk to our attorney in Yuma, Arizona, today. Our personal injury law firm has a reputation for integrity, thoroughness and getting results for our clients. Since 1982, we have been there every step of the way for victims throughout Arizona.

We offer free initial consultations for drunk driving accident victims and their families. Call us at 928-328-1361 or toll free at 877-386-6038..

DUI-Related Crash Or Injury

Unfortunately, injuries that result from a drunk driving accident are often very serious, catastrophic or even fatal. Having obtained millions of dollars in damages for our clients over the years, you can trust in our ability to seek maximum compensation.

What sets drunk driving accident cases apart from other injury claims is that there is the potential for punitive damages. These are damages sought due to the extremely reckless and careless actions of a drunk driver. The bad moral behavior, to plainly put it, that was so egregious, merits additional damages.

We will use our extensive experience and skills to thoroughly investigate your case. There can be more than one potential defendant in a drunk driving case. From the driver to the bar or liquor establishment that provided the alcohol to the drunk driver (“dram shop” liability laws would apply), we will go after all potentially negligent parties.

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Each and every one of our clients who come to us receives catered and personalized injury representation. In addition, you pay nothing unless we recover damages on your behalf. Reach out to our law firm today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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