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Arizona scooter rider killed in truck accident with teen driver

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

In Arizona, as in other areas of the United States, truck accidents are often fatal. The causes are many, but the sheer size of the truck – when compared to the smaller vehicles they hit – often is a decisive factor.

Sometimes it could be the weather which led to reduced visibility on the road. The truck driver may be fatigued or in other ways impaired or inattentive, or may not be able to see the victim because of a blind spot. Perhaps the driver was coming out of a driveway and failed to yield the right of way to an oncoming smaller vehicle such as a motorcycle or scooter.

Each accident is tragic. But this accident, involving a 15-year-old boy in Mesa, Arizona, highlights a different issue: what if the person at the wheel is an unqualified truck driver?

According to police, a 22-year-old man was killed after his motorized scooter collided with a truck driven by a teenage boy who apparently only had a learner’s permit to drive. The young driver allegedly fled the scene following the accident.

Police said the teen could be facing charges for leaving the scene immediately after the accident. He showed no obvious signs of impairment and has been returned to the custody of his parents, pending possible charges. There were other juveniles in the truck as well, according to police.

The family of the victim of a fatal accident has to cope with the personal tragedy. They also must think about the future without the loved one. One possible action is to seek damages from the driver of the truck, or the trucking company, for the accident. An attorney can help with pursuing compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of a husband or wife and other damages.

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