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Fatal accident kills Maricopa County woman

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Any Yuma, Arizona, resident who has gone through the pain and suffering of losing a loved one in a car accident will no doubt agree that, if the driver had been a little more careful, their close friend or family member might still be alive. Extra cautious driving is needed to prevent a fatal accident on Arizona roads, as well as in the entire U.S.

A recent early morning jog with a friend turned deadly for a Glendale, Arizona, woman who was killed when she was hit by a car. The 43-year-old woman was struck from behind by a sedan, but her 44-year-old friend was not harmed.

The driver remained at the accident scene until police arrived. The victim was attended by medical personnel and taken by helicopter to a local hospital, but doctors and nurses were unable to revive her. Police are investigating the fatal accident to determine if distraction or drunk driving were factors that resulted in the driver’s negligence. However, police stated that they did not believe that excessive speed was the cause of the accident.

An accident of this nature could have happened due to poor visibility or loss of concentration by the driver. Whatever its cause, the personal damage from this kind of accident is immeasurable. For example, the victim could have been the sole wage earner in her household, which is now without financial support.

The family of a fatal accident victim has the option to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If the driver’s fault can be established, a lawsuit can help the aggrieved family claim compensation to help cope with the financial and emotional consequences of their loved one’s death. Although compensation cannot replace the loss of a loved one, it can help to ease the financial burden that occurs as a result of the accident.

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