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Bicyclist dies after truck accident in Arizona

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents, both in Arizona and in the rest of the nation, are fairly common, and these accidents injure and kill more people because of the sheer size and mass of the trucks. There are many reasons for truck accidents; the primary ones being driver fatigue and equipment failure. Very often, truck drivers are tired after driving for long stretches without taking a rest; hence, they may fail to pay attention to traffic safety norms.

In a recent truck accident, a bicyclist was killed when he was hit by a semi-tractor trailer. The collision took place in Tempe. According to police, the man was headed east on Elliot Road in the early hours of the morning when the truck accident took place. The police also said that the truck driver was veering right on a westbound lane and might have missed seeing the man on the bicycle.

Firefighters were called in to help the injured man, but he did not survive his injuries. The victim’s identity will be released only after his family has been notified. No charges are being filed against the truck driver since he was not impaired. It is not known if the truck accident happened due to truck driver fatigue.

This truck accident has caused immeasurable loss for the family of the bicyclist. They must now plan for a future without the man, and if he was an earning member of the family, then they will suffer financially as well. The victim’s family may choose to seek damages from the truck driver or the truck company, and they may consult with an attorney in order to help them understand the compensation that is available to them.

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