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Fatal pedestrian-related accident in Yuma

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Many drivers are naturally concerned about their safety. That’s because accidents can occur at any time due to various reasons, including a negligent driver, a vehicle defect, road conditions or even bad weather. In the event of an accident, any pedestrian who is involved can suffer the most, since pedestrians do not have any safety mechanisms with them, such as those in an automobile. Recently, a pedestrian was killed in Yuma after he was hit twice by different vehicles.

According to sources, a man was walking south on the east shoulder of Highway 95 and then walked onto the highway and was hit by a northbound vehicle. The driver stopped his vehicle and walked towards the pedestrian to check to see if he was ok. Right at that time, another vehicle that was travelling north hit the same pedestrian. The female driver of the second vehicle also pulled over after the collision.

The driver of the first vehicle asked the female driver to contact the proper law enforcement agency, but she refused and drove away from the scene. According to a Public Information officer with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, the pedestrian died after being struck by the vehicles. The hit and run incident is still under investigation. A search for the female driver is also underway for leaving the scene of the pedestrian-related accident.

While accidents have different causes, any accident that occurs because of a negligent driver or defective vehicle can be especially difficult to cope with. The victim may have to overcome serious injuries or even loss of a loved one. In addition to this loss, the victim may also have to deal with medical expenses, rehabilitation and other related costs.

Although money cannot compensate anyone for the losses they have suffered, it can relieve them of the financial burdens caused by the accident. Laws allow a victim to seek damages from the responsible party. A victim can seek to recover medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs and, in cases where a loved one passed away, funeral expenses, as well as pain and suffering and other related damages.

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