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What are the effects of a brain injury?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Brain Injury |

Each part of the brain serves a specific purpose and it coordinates all of the systems of the body, which is why even a minor injury can have a deep and lasting impact. The person’s behavior, thinking capability, senses and even movement can be affected by a brain injury.

The two most important causes of traumatic brain injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Injury Prevention, are falls and motor vehicle accidents. Every year people suffer injuries to their brain due to these incidents and wind up losing some essential bodily functions.

A person who is injured on the left side of the brain may find it difficult to speak or understand language, become depressed or anxious and have less control over the right side of the body, while an injury to the right side of the brain can cause visual-spatial impairment, altered creativity and music perception and loss control over the left side of their body. If both sides of the brain are injured, the person may suffer from slower thinking speeds, confusion, inattention and tiredness.

When attempting understanding the effects of a brain injury, it is important to know that no two brain injuries have the same effect. Due to the complex nature of the brain, the extent of the injury and its effects can change from person to person. This can also affect the person’s recovery time as well as their medical expenses. So, while determining the compensation for a brain injury victim, it is important to know the extent of the injury in order to calculate future expenses.

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