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Fatal accident claims life of 54-year-old Arizona man

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Accidents can occur anywhere, at any time. Accidents are an everyday occurrence, causing serious injuries and even death. Recently, a 54-year-old man was involved in a fatal accident in Yuma, Arizona, when the farm tractor he was driving on Route 195 was hit from behind by a pickup truck. He then lost control of the tractor causing it to roll over, killing him.

The pick-up truck was driven by a 17-year-old girl. She had just changed lanes when the truck hit the tractor causing the crash. She was treated for her injuries at a local hospital and subsequently released. An investigation into the cause of the accident is still underway.

Family and friends of the deceased will surely have a tough time coming to terms with such a sudden loss. However, they may be able to get some respite, in financial terms, in the form of compensation for wrongful death – if the accident was caused due to the negligence of the other driver.

Compensation can not only be claimed for medical and funeral expenses and loss of income quantified in monetary terms, but also for pain and suffering caused due to loss of companionship. Though no money can adequately compensate for the sudden loss of a family member, an attempt can be made to reduce the effect of emotional trauma by awarding damages.

When an Arizona resident suffers through the accidental death of a loved one, it may be a good idea to get more information in order to understand the options in attempting to claim adequate compensation. Though money can never adequately compensate for the loss of a loved one, it can make it easier to get through the hard times.

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