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Avoid crashes this harvest by following these tips

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Car Accidents |

The fall harvest is just around the corner, and in some places, it may be taking place now. It’s important for farm workers and drivers to be aware of one another, because this is a potentially dangerous time of year for them when they’re in close contact.

Drivers and workers who are in agriculture should know that the fall months are times when they’ll be seeing, or using, heavy equipment on or near roadways. One of the leading causes of death in the agriculture industry includes tractor roll-over incidents, whether on a farm or on the roads. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the tractor’s lights and signs are placed properly. A crash with one could be devastating for the person inside as well as any driver (or their passengers).

During the fall, drivers should be prepared to slow down around farming equipment

If drivers are in an area around a farm or where farming is common, then they may come across a slow-moving tractor or other farm machinery on or around the roads. It’s essential that they slow down and give those vehicles the space they need. Drivers should be cautious when passing, because many of these heavy pieces of machinery have sharp objects on them that could make any kind of crash particularly dangerous.

How can drivers be safe around tractors, combines and other harvesting tools?

Drivers can be safe by taking some time to slow down and monitor their surroundings. As they approach farm equipment, they should consider using their hazard lights to alert other drivers that they may slow or stop.

It’s appropriate to give this machinery more space, because there are many moving parts that could be in or near the roadway.

How can farmers be safer?

Farmers can be safer by being sure to use the right warning signs and lighting to make themselves noticeable. They should do their best not to swing out into any roadways when possible. If they will use the roadway, they should use the right lane and shoulder, unless there is no other option but to take up a main lane. Doing these things can help everyone stay safer this harvest.