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How does Arizona rank for pedestrian safety?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Injuries |

Although crash rates in the country have been getting better, that doesn’t mean that the roads are safer for everyone. In recent years, the number of pedestrian deaths around the United States has risen dramatically.

People have started to notice that the decrease in crashes does not benefit those who travel on foot. Thousands of pedestrians wind up killed every year in crashes caused by irresponsible drivers. Even more people suffer serious injuries when they get struck or clipped by cars.

If you or someone you love frequently walks or goes jogging on the side of the road, you may find yourself wondering how dangerous that behavior actually is. How dangerous is Arizona for pedestrians?

Arizona has a high level of pedestrian death risk

When people think of aggressive drivers, they often think of New York or possibly California. In reality, neither of those states is even in the top 10 most dangerous states for pedestrians. States that may not seem so risky and that certainly don’t have reputations for dangerous roads actually have the most risks for pedestrian casualties.

Determining what states are worst for pedestrians requires a little math. Researchers had to compare the number of annual pedestrian deaths to the total state population. Arizona holds the 9th position out of all 50 states, making it one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians in the country. There are an average of 2.23 pedestrian deaths annually for every 100,000 people in the state.

What can you do after a fatal pedestrian collision?

Knowing about the dangers on the road can’t protect you from them. Losing a loved one because of an irresponsible driver will drastically change your life.

Grief and pain you experienced will likely change your personality and diminish your quality of life. You will also have to adjust to a daily life that does not include the support and help of your loved one. Beyond that, you may have thousands of dollars in medical expenses for care before they died, significant funeral costs and their lost wages to consider.

You have rights after a pedestrian crash affects your family. Arizona law does allow surviving family members to pursue wrongful death claims against drivers who killed pedestrians because they caused crashes.