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What to do after a boating accident caused by another boater

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Injuries |

Boating can be a pleasant pastime, but it is not without its risks. You could be out on a beautiful day when a storm swells up seemingly out of nowhere and reduces visibility. You can have mechanical issues that leave you stranded or that require emergency services. You could also wind up in a boating accident.

Although sometimes these incidents only involve one boat, such as when a vessel capsizes. Other times, there will be multiple vessels involved. What do you do when another boater causes a crash that injures you or damages your boat?

Report the accident and document your experience

You will need to make a report about the incident so that there is a formal record. Depending on where the incident occurs, you may have to report the issue to a number of different authorities. The local police department could handle the issues and investigate in some cases.

However, the state requires that you report a crash to the Arizona Game and Fish Department within five days if it causes injury or more than $500 in damage.

Explore your insurance coverage

People who go out for a ride in their boat don’t have the same insurance obligations as those commuting in a motor vehicle on the Arizona roads. However, many people still choose to carry insurance on their watercraft to protect them against liability and to possibly cover any personal injuries or property damage that they suffer in a boating incident.

You will need to look into whether you have coverage that applies in the situation or if the other boater does. Sometimes, you may be able to make an insurance claim that covers all of your expenses.

Take civil action

If there isn’t insurance that applies to your situation or if the coverage isn’t enough for your losses, a civil lawsuit will be the next step to consider. A personal injury lawsuit can help you recover money paid for medical treatment or to repair your boat.

Taking legal action against a boater who was drunk at the helm, who was obviously distracted or who was simply negligent in their operation of their vessel could help you recover some of your financial losses.