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Will your Arizona car insurance policy protect you in Mexico?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Your Arizona motor vehicle liability insurance policy protects you from financial losses after a car crash. If someone gets hurt or you cause property damage, your insurance policy will pay for that person’s losses and thereby protect you from civil lawsuits that could result in liens against your property or the garnishment of your wages.

Every driver who registers a vehicle in Arizona has to have insurance, and most people travel under the assumption that the policies they bought in Arizona will cover them regardless of where they go. However, the insurance that you carry here in Arizona may not acceptably protect you in every jurisdiction where you want to travel.

Your insurance will likely protect you in other states

If you decide to go on a domestic road trip, your Arizona policy will usually be sufficient to protect you from most liability. Even if all you have is the minimum coverage required under Arizona law, your policy will usually have enough coverage to meet the standards in most other states. Making a point of checking the minimum insurance required in the states you plan to visit during your trip can help you address any changes that you might need to make to your coverage to optimally protect yourself.

Your insurance will likely protect you if you travel to Canada

Most drivers with registrations and insurance from the United States will find that they can travel legally in Canada. Canada recognizes American insurance policies, so you likely won’t need extra coverage to legally drive without taking on a lot of financial risk when visiting our neighbors to the north.

Arizona insurance will not protect you in Mexico

Unfortunately, Mexico has strict rules regarding motor vehicle liability insurance. Technically, anyone from Arizona who wants to drive a vehicle in Mexico needs to secure a Mexican insurance policy on their vehicle.

American policies will not be adequate. If you get pulled over without proof of domestic Insurance in Mexico, you could face citations. There could also be major financial risks if you get into a car crash in Mexico without a Mexican insurance policy on your vehicle. Knowing the requirements for insurance coverage can help you protect yourself against financial and legal risks while driving.