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2 ways for cyclists to reduce their risk of a crash with a car

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Cyclists provide their own transportation and can get incredible exercise in a short amount of time by really pushing their speed or biking areas with steep inclines. Unfortunately, cyclists are also at risk because they have to share the road with motor vehicles.

One never knows when someone in a motor vehicle might fail to stop at an intersection or do something else unsafe that leads to a cyclist getting hurt. A cyclist can invest in the best safety equipment and do their best to make safety their top priority, only to end up hurt by someone posting a video to social media from their phone with little regard for the safety of others.

Although you cannot control what other people do on the road, there are ways for you to minimize your risk of getting hurt by people. How can cyclists reduce their risk of getting hurt on their next ride?

Make visibility a priority

From illuminated brake lights and turn signals that cyclists can power through kinetic energy or battery packs to neon-colored gear, there are many ways for cyclists to improve how visible they are in traffic.

Bright colors and lights can draw the eye of drivers who might otherwise fail to notice a cyclist’s presence on the street. Long gone are the days when people could only wear safety vests over their gear. There are reflective, bright-colored options for all sorts of gear, well as numerous light systems for clothing, helmets and even shoes. When drivers can’t help but notice you, their chances of hitting you decrease.

Brush up on defensive cycling tactics

If you haven’t already done so, it might be a good time to consider taking a defensive cycling course or at least reading about what defensive cycling involves. Essentially, you need to be aware of how much risk comes from cycling on public roads and treat other drivers as the safety threat they truly are.

Giving vehicles more space, committing to remaining fully aware of your surroundings and pausing for an extra moment at an intersection could all be steps that reduce your likelihood of getting hurt in a crash.

Being proactive about your safety can protect you from a bicycling crash and make it easier for you to pursue compensation if you ever experience one.