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Who provides compensation after a multi-vehicle collision?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Many Arizona car crashes inspire motorists to file basic insurance claims. It is perfectly obvious who is at fault for a wreck when someone runs a red light or swerves into another lane of traffic because they look at their phone and not the road in front of the vehicle.

It can be far more challenging to know who to hold accountable when a collision involves more than just two vehicles. Multi-vehicle collisions might involve three or four vehicles at an intersection or even a dozen or more vehicles in an extreme incident on an interstate.

Who is at fault after a multi-vehicle collision?

Sometimes, there is one party to blame for the crash

There are scenarios in which one vehicle strikes numerous others in a short amount of time, causing massive damage and inconveniencing many people. A drunk driver who sideswipes one vehicle might end up spinning in circles, hitting multiple others before coming to a complete stop. A semi-truck could experience a jackknife or rollover incident, leading to it striking multiple vehicles or blocking heavy traffic on a multi-lane road. When one vehicle is clearly the cause of the collision, that party may end up liable for the damages caused to others.

Oftentimes, many parties have some degree of blame

Multi-vehicle collisions are complex incidents with more than a single issue that causes them in many cases. For example, there could be a wreck just around a bend on a road. The original crash might be the fault of one of the drivers involved, but the subsequent collisions that involve people coming around the curve too quickly and being unable to stop might be the fault of each of those drivers who is unsafe at the wheel.

It can often take quite a bit of investigation to determine who is at fault for one party’s losses after a multi-vehicle collision. Professional reconstruction, witness statements and even camera footage can help clarify who should provide insurance coverage and personal injury damages for those affected by a multi-vehicle crash.

Establishing fault and financial liability is often and important starting point for a claim after an Arizona car wreck. Seeking legal guidance can help injury victims to do just that.