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3 unsafe traffic behaviors that have become more common

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Small choices when operating a motor vehicle can make the difference between arriving safely and causing a crash. Despite how important safe driving habits are, quite a few people develop unsafe habits on the road.

It starts with a few small traffic violations occasionally and then spirals into regular inappropriate conduct on public roads. There has been a noticeable uptick in drivers making choices that increase their risk of causing a wreck in recent years. The following are some of the seemingly small traffic habits that could result in major consequences for everyone on the road.

Exceeding the speed limit

Speeding is perhaps the most common traffic infraction that people readily admit. The vast majority of drivers occasionally exceed the posted speed limit on certain roads. The greater the difference between the posted limit and someone’s actual speed, the greater their chances of causing a major collision. People who have regularly violated speed limits may become complacent. They may increase how much they exceed the speed limit and how often they speed as they become more comfortable.

Running red lights

The vast majority of motorists understand that they should come to a complete stop at intersections where there are red lights or four-way stop signs. However, quite a few drivers at least occasionally choose to run red lights without stopping. Approximately one in three motorists admit to running red lights at intersections. Those who run red lights put themselves at risk of causing a crash if another vehicle enters the intersection before they exit it.

Failing to indicate turns

Turn signals exist for a reason. They allow motorists to communicate with others in traffic so that the people don’t rear-end them or T-bone them at an intersection. Unfortunately, many people don’t consistently use their turn signals. In fact, some people get into the habit of never indicating their turns in traffic. These drivers can cause completely preventable collisions due to their failure to indicate their intentions to others in traffic.

Seemingly small traffic habits can directly contribute to someone’s likelihood of experiencing a major collision. Those involved in car wrecks caused by unsafe conduct may need to take action to hold a negligent driver accountable. Both insurance and personal injury lawsuit can potentially help to compensate those affected by preventable collisions.