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Arizona programs for traumatic brain injury affected children

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Brain Injury |

Traumatic brain injury refers to any external injury suffered to the head and brain due to a blow or hit. Arizona law, however, does not recognize any congenital brain disease or impairment as a brain injury. Brain injury may lead to temporary or permanent disability, and it may often impair cognitive functions, as well as psychological functions and motor abilities.

Children can often suffer major problems due to brain injuries. Arizona has launched many initiatives and awareness programs to combat the same. One has to qualify to be eligible for the special school system for brain injury victims. It must be proved that the brain injury was external and caused partial or complete physical or psychological impairment, which has negatively affected the student’s school performance. The injury thus has to be proved to not have been congenital for special status recognition. A doctor must have examined and verified the said criteria for brain injury impairment.

After meeting the eligibility criteria, the student may be eligible for special programs under the education department of Arizona. There are 21 free training sessions annually for teachers, consultants and parents to aid special needs students suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Training is also given to professionals to expand their knowledge about traumatic brain injuries. Training sessions are conducted from September to May every year.

Training programs include awareness drives to help identify traumatic brain injuries in schools. Training is also given to professionals in traumatic brain injury related issues. Programs to expand the knowledge and awareness regarding available resources are also conducted every year.

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