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Understanding brain injury and legal remedies in Arizona

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Brain Injury |

Head trauma is not always easy to recognize visually and may only reveal itself after hours or even days have passed. Just a sharp jerk of the head, for instance, caused by an auto collision or sudden braking, can sometimes cause grievous harm with lasting consequences. Unless the injury is diagnosed and treated within a short period of time it could result in paralysis and even death.

Among the more common symptoms of brain injury are temporary disorientation, confusion, headache and dizziness. A concussion, one common form of brain injury, can leave a person stunned and unresponsive. These are often seen in athletic events, with those who play contact sports being in considerable danger of suffering such injuries. Some professional sports teams have medical staff on hand to make quick diagnoses, but this may not be available to accident victims unless they go to the hospital for treatment of other injuries.

Being aware of the signs and symptoms associated with brain trauma is essential. This information is widely available. Such awareness also ensures that anyone observing an accident victim may be able to recognize potential head or neck injuries and summon professional medical help at the earliest possible time. This can help mitigate the chance of life-altering consequences and, from the financial perspective, possibly lower the cost of medical care.

Early detection of a brain injury can also have legal consequences, especially in terms of an accident investigation and determining how much compensation might be due a trauma victim or family members. If the injury does result in permanent disability, compensation may also be needed to cover the cost of long-term care and therapy.